Traxler Legal Software Solutions, LLC is the developer of software for use by
the lawyers and judges in the South Carolina Family Court.    It focuses on
designing software that is extremely user-friendly and easy to use, but still
packed with powerful calculations.
The Alimony Calculator is the flagship product of Traxler Legal Software Solutions,
LLC and calculates the net disposable income of each party after the payment of
alimony, child support, taxes and other mandatory obligations so that the lawyer
or judge can compare what each party will have to live on each month.

Traxler's Child Support Calculator 2014 calculates child support according to the  
2006 South Carolina DSS Child Support Guidelines with one easy-to-use screen.

Equitable Apportionment Worksheet operates like a spreadsheet and provides an
easy-to-use tool for listing and dividing marital assets and debts.
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